Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I was inspired by Valentine's Day to create two cards - mirror images of eachother and sort of a Yin Yang style. I represents two hearts creating one love while retaining individuality. I was even inpired to write a poem. May your day be filled with love...

The heart has a rhythm, much like a rhyme,
Two hearts joined beat together over time.
While two hearts together should beat the same,
Their individual rhythms should remain.

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Art'sBoy said...

Hi Sharon:

After seeing your work in the Art-O-Mat newsletter, I tried getting some or all of the Pollock pieces from ArtOMat stock - Carol sent me 10, but none were J.P.s - I was disappointed, but enjoyed the ones I got. They will go for little gifts for my wife and family Christmas.
My wife has a small collection of textile art, I have three of the 10
pieces set aside for her.
But I am a huge Pollock fan and if you ever choose to do a couple more pieces, I would love to get them.
The series I have been doing for the past several years is the"Mind's Eye"...
Hope to hear from you.


Egg Harbor, Wi

I tried emailing you direct, but it came back undeliverable