Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back to the basics

I am frantically creating pieces for Art-o-Mat this week so I can take them with us to Seattle next week to mail them to North Carolina. Sounds convoluted? Well, postage from Denmark is very expensive. And slow.

I'm still working on the A-Z series and I have not been happy with the pieces I've produced. I was stuck on Q. What art movement begins with Q? And this morning in that twilight space between awake and asleep I realized the answer was always right there in my own back yard. Q is for Quilt. (Big DOH!)

So, here is my little quiltlet in the Amish style:

Here is our view of Rosenborg Castle across the street. And look - I see a shadow! And the manic birds returned this afternoon but I was not quick enough to capture them.

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