Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Finishing Toches!

Whew! This part always takes longer that I imagine. And I am just a little anal about it. Here's the process of the last two days, which has taken about 7 hours thus far:

Square the quilt: This involves trimming off excess binding and making sure all the sides are straight. In this case, I also have to make sure the two small pieces are the same length and width and they are the same length as the large center piece.

Attach the backing: Cut white muslin and fusible web for each of the three pieces. Iron the muslin to remove wrinkles. Iron the fusible to the quilt, then layer the muslin on top of the fusible and iron to attach.

Make binding strips: Iron fusible to the binding material, then cut one inch strips. This will be added to the quilt by stitching 1/4" from the edge, then folding over and ironing to the back.

Attach top binding: Attach binding strip to the top of each piece only.

Add the second backing: This quilt has an additional backing sewn on three sides and left open on the top. The top of the second backing is not stitched, as I will slide a piece of foam ore into this opening and then close with Velcro closures. The foamcore will help the quilt hang nice and straight.

Add binding to the other three sides.

Insert foamcore and add hanging wire for each of the three pieces.

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