Friday, November 21, 2008

The Tale of Two Backings

Tuesday: The plan for hanging this quilt was to add a second backing into which I could slip a piece of foamcore, then add a hanging wire. Well. For many reasons that did not work out. Tuesday eveing I put the quilt down. I knew what I had to do, but was not prepared to do it until Thursday.

At this point, I was rolling the quilt into a tube and hefting it over my shoulder to stitch the back and binding on:

Adding the velcro strip that was to be used to secure the backing after the foamcore was inserted:

Wednesday: Uncovered the quilt, looked at it, covered it back up. Considered my options.

Thursday: I knew I had to remove the existing back and binding and opt for a traditional hanging sleeve instead. I worked on this for about 3 hours, then took break to meet Heidi, Nanda, and Karine at a La Glace for the world's best hot chocolate. (Mmm) Back in the studio late afternoon to continue the work.
Friday: Finishing touches - added the last binding strip and finished hand-stitching the hanging sleeve. I made a sandwich of two pieces of foamcore with the quilt in between and wrapped it all in two layers of plastic and taped it securely. It has begun to snow - the first snow of the year - and I was delivering PB by train to Any and Heidi's. Probably a 5 minute train ride and 15 minute walk and man were my arms tired by the time I arrived!
Project Blehm. Completed November 21, 2008. Tomorrow I will take pictures of the artwork in it's new home!

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